Cop killer roams free. Why delay next victim’s gun purchase?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

OPB reports that Nyssa Police Department have detailed that a suspect was acting violently and threatening others.

The suspect fled.

Police gave chase.

The suspect killed the officer chasing him.

As we speak, this killer suspect who has been on a violent rampage, is now at large and a threat to everyone.

There may be a vulnerable person in Nyssa who wishes to purchase a firearm to protect themselves.

One of those vulnerable people may be one of those already threatened by this violent suspect before police arrived.   Since Oregon background checks are already delayed, and Oregon has pending laws that delay it further by weeks (Measure 114), why would one block a vulnerable person’s ability to protect themselves by not getting timely access to a legal firearm?

As drug cartels have moved into rural Oregon, many peaceful communities may find themselves thrust into a violent high-risk scenario.  Law abiding Oregonians who face a real-time threat of being victimized should have timely access to self-protection.  The police officer involved was killed which puts everyone at heightened risk at that moment and makes self-protection an urgent escalated priority.

We extend all honor to the Nyssa Police Department, and further extend wisdom to our leaders to protect the right to self-defense in time of a violent crisis.

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