More random tire slashing reoccurs in Portland

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

WTf Portland has captured video of a street long line of cars with tires slashes.


The Taxpayers Association of Oregon previously reported:


Tire slashing hits 50 cars … a new trend?

Monday, October 20, 2022

When you defund police as Portland has, you see a general rise in crime and this sometimes ushers in a rise in criminal acts that you would not normally witness — like serial tire slashers.

• Recently 50 cars in NE Portland had their tires slashed last week.  KATU has video.

• Over a dozen tires were slashed earlier this year in NW Portland.

• Tire slashings were part of the homeless camp blow-back in Portland’s Laurelhurst neighborhood.


• The Oregon Medical Association reports that physicians have reported people targeting their vehicles and slashing their tires.


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