Sen. Boquist: HB 2002 most extreme bill in country

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

Subject: HB 2002, the most extreme bill in our country

— HB 2002 is the most extreme bill in our country today, and it is making its way through the Oregon legislature. Pushed by the Democrat majority, HB 2002 allows a child of any age, without parental knowledge, to receive an abortion or irreversible sex-changing treatments and procedures. It transfers parental rights of children, first, and then to state actors who will guide these innocent and unsuspecting children towards an activist agenda closely linked to the political party in power in Oregon.

— Oregon children will quickly become victims of medical experimentation as parents are blocked out and the government takes their place.

— As Republican leaders said in a recent op-ed: “Don’t be fooled, this is not an abortion or equality issue – this is a parental rights issue. This is the state of Oregon effectively telling you that the government understands the needs of your child better than you do. This is an extreme attack on the sacred relationship between a parent and a child.”

— The government should be protecting the special and important relationship between parents and children; not intruding and creating dangerous secrecy. But it is well-known that Democrat-sponsored causes regularly seek to dismantle the nuclear family. HB 2002 will do just that.

— With this bill, parents will be left in the dark as children of any age are coerced and pressured into irreversible and permanent gender altering procedures and abortion.

— Why isn’t this article on the front page of Oregon media, but the New York Post writes about it? It doesn’t help the public relations campaign for HB 2002. From the article that also includes blurred images of the poor child involved in this: “A former Oregon elementary school teacher and “drag-mom” or mentor of an 11-year-old drag queen was sentenced to [ONLY] 11 months in jail after being convicted of nearly a dozen felony child abuse crimes.”

— Also in HB 2002; a minor may have the parents’ insurer cover the costs of irreversible sex-changing treatments and procedures without parental knowledge. Yes, your child can leverage your insurance for a complex procedure(s), without your knowledge, yet you are the ones paying for it. Insurers must cover “medically necessary cosmetic procedures” such as tracheal shave, hair electrolysis, facial feminization surgery/facial altering treatment. The Oregon taxpayer will foot the bill.

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