Teen caught at 176 mph. (expect more)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Teens feel free to speed nearly 200-mph without fear of consequence.  Portland drag racers shut down an Interstate highway at night to do a race.  These are the signs of the great police pull-back.

Here is what happened:

Washington County Police report, “On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, at 12:32 am, a Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputy was conducting speed enforcement on Interstate 5, near Highway 217. The deputy saw and heard a vehicle, a 2016 BMW M3, traveling south on Interstate 5 at an extremely high speed. The deputy used a speed measuring tool called a Lidar and learned that the vehicle was going 176 MPH.The deputy told dispatch about the speeding vehicle by radio, gave a description of the vehicle, and asked for other deputies in the area to assist them. Another deputy was further south on Interstate 5, near the Nyberg Street exit, and could see the vehicle take the Nyberg Street exit.Both deputies caught up to the vehicle as it was stopped on the off-ramp and pinned it in to prevent the driver from driving away.The driver of the vehicle, 19-year-old Milo Schneider, cooperated with the deputies, was arrested for reckless driving, and was later lodged in the Washington County Jail.During the investigation, Schneider told deputies at one point, he looked at his speedometer and saw it said he was going 183 MPH. “

It started in 2020 when Portland de-funded their police and then in 2021 stopped and reduced enforcing minor traffic violations.   Then the prosecution shortage backlogged Multnomah and Washington County criminal cases.   Also, the media’s imbalanced coverage of law enforcement prompted many officers, beyond Portland, to pull back from making arrests or intervening.  This then contributed to an environment emboldening criminals and risk takers to do even more brazen law-breaking acts.

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