Vic Atiyeh to co-chair anti-Measure 37 measure

Former Republican governor Vic Atiyeh is being pressured to co-chair the November measure to gut the Measure 37 property rights law. This is grossly unfortunate due to the fact that the property rights measure has been approved twice by the public. The gut-measure would help wipe out people’s claims, and it denies compensation to those landowners who have been fiancially hurt the most. Many landowners will lose most of their life savings. Vic Atiyeh should be a statesman and stand with the people and not against them.

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  • Jerry

    This old guy is so out of touch it may just be a good thing they got him to do this. I am not sure anyone cares what he thinks anymore. Kind of like the Oregonian…..

  • devietro

    Have their been any clear announcements by him on his M37 views? I am a suburban college student who owns no land so currently M37 is the last thing on my mind. But on principle it embodies everything I hate about government and it outright dangerous to anyone who owns any amount of land.

  • Bill Sizemore

    In 1994, I placed on the ballot (with the help of several others) a measure to rein in the excesses of the PERS system. Voters approved that measure (Measure 8) after one of the nastiest campaigns in Oregon history.

    After the election, the public employee unions predictably sued to overturn the will of the voters. The lead plaintiff in that lawsuit was none other than Vic Atijeh. Atijeh is registered as a Republican, but he comes from that Norma Paulus, Dave Fraunmeier, Elaine Franklin mold, which means they are not conservatives and will not be with us most of the time.

    I have no doubt that Vic Atijeh opposes the kind of property rights embodied in Measure 37 and would love to see the measure gutted.

    • eagle eye

      Atiyeh, Paulus, Frohnmayer (Bill, can’t you even learn to spell his name right?) may be the “old Republicans”, but they also happen to be the last Republicans to hold statewide office, if my memory serves.

      Re that pension measure, the courts overturned it as a violation of a contractual agreement. Kind of like property rights, come to think of it. A contract trumps the “will of the voters”.

  • Tim Trickey

    I have a deep respect for Vic Atiyeh as a man, personally, but his politics over the years leave something to be desired. He has not stood with us on property rights or anything else that required a potentially controversial stance.

    His eagerness to “make nice” with the Democrats and unions over the years has destroyed his legacy and left him an embarrassing former-Governor, with no accomplishments that a “Republican” could hold up as worthy of praise.

    It should come as no surprise that the “left” would once again attempt to use the kind-natured former GOP Governor as a pawn in their attempt to thwart good public policy and the will of the voters.

    Again, I am reminded that he (Gov. Atiyeh) is only brought out into the public’s eye when he has something to say that will advance the “left’s” agenda here in Oregon.

    It pains me to see them lie to him and massage his ego to convince him that he may make friends or “bring consensus” to a highly-charged issue by supporting this deceptive and immoral revision of M37, when the same people asking for his participation and support would just as quickly throw him under the bus if he disagrees with their premise or tactics.

    Please Gov. Atiyeh. Don’t do this.

    Don’t give the left the satisfaction of using you (due to your “R” party registration) as a tool of their propaganda machine. Instead, please remain above the fray, and live out your days with honor.

    After all, no one ever changed the world or left their mark on society by being milquetoast or lukewarm…

    Be bold, and you will be remembered as having convictions that superceded pure-partisan politics.

  • Tim Trickey

    Also, if you are going to post nasty comments…Please have the guts to use your real name.

    Any pansy can post anonymously (or with a made-up moniker). For all we know, you could be sittingin your mom’s basement eating Pop-Tarts in your underwear, firing off snarky little comments intended to take jabs at people you wouldn’t dare cross in person.

    In which case, no one cares what you have to say.

  • PanchoPdx

    For years Atiyeh has been hanging around for an opportunity to become relevant again.

    I saw him at Dorchester a few years ago and went over to speak with him because he just looked so lonely. He brightened at being recognized and we started shatting about some of Oregon’s issues. Over about ten minutes he railed against the initiatives, term limits (for governors as well as legislators), the “anti-tax” mentality, etc.

    I was polite as I disagreed with most of his positions. When he realized that he wasn’t really persuading me, he started turning bitter.

    I thanked him for his service to Oregon and left him (alone) at his table.

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