Sen. Linthicum: Irreversible Harm

From Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum:

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In a recent poll, Rasmussen discovered that only 30% of likely U.S. voters trust the political news that they receive. This is a seven-point decrease from July of 2021. A full 52% of likely U.S. voters now say they do not trust news media. This is up from 43% when a similar poll was conducted in 2021.

Strikingly, a majority of likely U.S. voters, 59%, say they agree with the questioning sentiment, “The media being ‘truly the enemy of the people?’” Another interesting result is 66% of Republicans believe media coverage of politics favors Democrats and 60% of Democrats agree.

This same distrust is playing out in responses to local slanted news and media coverage for Oregon’s Independent and Republican Senators. Most Oregonians appear to prefer facing abusive power head-on. They would rather face the future with a sincere assessment instead of getting only sugar-coated, rainbow cartoons drawn on the pavement around the chalk-outline of our culture.

Support for Independent and Republican Senators and their principled stand against the unconstitutional, illegal and uncompromising actions of the Democrat party is over-whelming. There appears to be momentum away from the typical, “go along to get along” mentality. Hard-working people, minorities, business-owners, nearly everyone, but the well-connected and elite classes, are fed up with the “business as usual” model for government expansion.

Measure 113 was an attempt to solidify the ungainly abuse of power that is already present in Oregon’s long-standing, Democrat-party power structure. It was tenaciously calculated by union backed players to allow the Senate President to throw Republicans out of office if they refused to submit to the tyranny of the majority. It is being capriciously applied because no statutory implementation language exists.

Senate President, Rob Wagner (D-Lake Oswego) is unscrupulously abusing this as a form of revenge and political retribution. He granted excused absences to Republican and Independent Senators only to turn-around, in a seemingly retaliatory rage, and rescind those excused absences without any justification.

This brutal coup-like implementation is exactly what big government proponents want – throw out those fiscal conservatives along with their prudish ideas about smaller government, more educational and healthcare freedom and more responsibility in pursuing choices through personal, historic, or religious traditions of faith and family values.

Yet, most social media pundits and news reporters continue to take the easy road. They don’t have time to read the bills and so they dutifully quote Democrat talking points. The media themselves are caught in our current language battles where healthcare produces harm and preventing harm has become hateful.

Have you read any justification for HB 2002’s “may not disclose” language which keeps information hidden from parents or legal guardians? There are nearly 2 million parents in Oregon and all of them will be denied important, life-altering information regarding their minor children. Why?