Deception used to get voters to vote YES on Measure 67

by Dan Lucas

Oregon’s controversial tax increases, Measures 66 & 67, are in the news again. The Legislature will begin meeting next week and there are a number of efforts underway to mitigate the damage done by the tax increases, or even to repeal them altogether. Public employee unions and their allies are working to maintain the deceptions that got Oregonians to vote for the taxes in the first place, including a recent opinion piece in the Oregonian.

More and more Oregonians seem to be getting that the tax increases are driving businesses out of Oregon, but there are still some people who think it was just about “$10”.

Measure 67 wasn’t just about raising the minimum tax on corporations from $10 to $150.

If the Measure 67 tax increase had truly been only from $10 to $150, it would have only raised $27 million, but M67 was designed to raise $262 million. Where would the other $235 million come from?

The answer is that M67 brought in SIX new taxes and fees totaling $262 million. One of the SIX new taxes and fees is costing businesses up to $100,000 a year, even if they don’t make a profit; even if they lose money. The taxes are so big & complex that the Department of Revenue had to add more than 7 new employees just to collect them.

Businesses were already paying their fair share & they pay a LOT more taxes & fees than just Oregon income tax – including a third of the state taxes and half of local taxes (mainly property taxes).

Oregon’s December unemployment rate was 10.6%.  Oregon has now had two full years of unemployment over 10%. We need to start valuing Oregon’s employers – they are the ones who can start creating jobs and help the many Oregonians who are looking for work.

Full analysis of Measure66 and -Measure 67 from December 2009

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  • Jay

    What’s “controversial” about a 10% vote margin statewide?

  • The other deception, of course, were the campaign claims by the government employee unions that passage of Measures 66 & 67 would save schools from budget cuts. The vote was barely certified when the “budget shortfall” and “layoff” press releases began issuing from Oregon school districts. The unions knew this was a lie when they said it, and the Oregonian and other media just allowed it to pass right on by.

    Of course, we were also lied to about the amount of money that would be raised, but some of that has to do with the fact that liberals don’t know anything about economics or private business and thought Oregon companies would just pay the new taxes from the big bucket of cash that’s always available behind the CEO’s desk rather then laying off employees, shutting down or moving away. This is one of the dangers of “static analysis” of items like tax increases – some behaviors do change based on tax increases or tax reductions. This kind of analysis has caused the State Economist to “high ball” every single revenue projection for 2 years.

    The worse things get in this state, the louder the liberals whistle past the graveyard of Oregon’s economy.

  • Oregonnative

    So many comments and so short of tiime.
    Thanks Jay for pointing out the 10% margin, but was it really ???. 51 % of emplyees work for some state, local or goverment enity ( 51%), 6 % work for Service industries ( hotels & restruants ), and 3 % thought is was for gross income not net. Anyway all them thought it would help out their needs and not the rich company owners.
    Does Nike or Intel or many other big companies in Oregon pay this Tax…”NO”.
    Why, because they product is shipped out of Oregon. Did those that voted for these measure know these facts.
    Does Limited Liability Corporations have to pay this Tax “NO”. Why, because their income is added on to the LLC owner or owners taxes. So if the burden becomes to great just move the LLC out of state.
    High volumn, low margin people do have to pay, like our farmers and ranchers. You know the people that feed you. Thank-you politicians and voters, we feed you and you tax us more. Maybe the should ship thier crops out of state ( no tax), and then you all can pay more to ship it back.
    If democrats do not change or this measures are not repealed, then they should be voted out of office. Some were already.

  • Disillusioned Smith7

    I use to have an Oregon S Corporation. After I heard of measures 66-67, in the fall of 2009, I called the Corporation Division and asked about any fee increases. The person I spoke with told me to hang on. When he came back on the line, he told me they were going to “wait until after the election”. How’s that for government transparency! Can you guess how I feel about Oregon State government now?

    • Libs Need Not Apply

      I did better than that. Back in mid-2009 when I got wind of Measures 66 & 67 I made the decision to close up my business of 22 years and leave the state. We moved in November 2009; and I don’t regret the decision for a moment. Also saved about $15,000.00 in Oregon Income Taxes they will never see again in Salem. The only thing we even missed were our first level Trailblazer Season Ticket Seats and a few of our friends – several who have visited us and are also considering leaving Oregon.

  • Edwardhs

    What about the deception used to get Kitzhaber elected and the rest of the left wing lunacy ruining our state.

  • DUH!

    LOL! You voted them in Oregon, you get what you deserve!

    • 4LibRT

      “We” didn’t vote them in—Multnomah county did!

  • Notworking

    I have a clue for you all. The unemployment rate in Oregon is MUCH HIGHER than 10%. The government figures are so misleading as to be worthless. Trust me, it is MUCH HIGHER.

  • Freeloader

    All businesses should pay a lot of taxes. That way people like me, who freeload, can do so with impunity. I simply choose not to work and Oregon helps me with that difficult decision.
    I used my home heating subsidy to buy some weed, by the way. I may be a little chilly, but am having a lot of fun shivering.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Look, measure 67 was sold on an absurd lie – that most businesses in Oregon paid only $10 a year in taxes.

    Anyone can incorporate themselves and most employers would love for you to do so. The absurdity that had one done that in the past they would have only paid $10 a year in taxes is self evident. Yet that is the impression measure 67 was sold under.

    Government employee unions were largely responsible for propagating this idiocy through their extensive ad campaign for the measure. These unions lobbied to take money from small family business when business was down so they could have more when their pay was up. Remember that when you see their smiling advertising campaign the next time around.

  • Pacific Patriot

    @AFPOregon, what are the odds that those teachers who voted YES out of fear of losing their jobs, only to be laid off almost immediately after their YES vote, will learn their lesson, and change their robo-voting next time? Have they learned?

    • 4LibRT

      I posed this same question to friends the other day, and the resounding reply was, “Nope!”

  • Pat Ryan

    Of course it was never about the $10 to $150 as you state it above. AOI and their buddies initially argued for a $300 flat minimum for any firm showing a net loss, which was to be paid by both Intel and and Sparky’s Pizza to get to the revenue target. A few business people wondered why their lobbyists were seeing no difference between them and the Big Boys and argued for a $150 tax for LLCs, sole proprietors, and small C-corps. Any C-corp (and only C-corps) grossing more than $500k would pay incrementally more until they reached a ceiling of 100k for income above $100 million. That was what M-67 repeal was about. Pissed off large corps and their servantsw in the lobbying industry telling family farmers that the state was coming after them.

    M-66 was about the corporate marginal rate increase. Wouldn’t want you to accidentally wind up pushing your story through the use of Deception. You’d be as bad as those danged tax and spend libruls then….

  • kingston

    I think voters knew what they were voting on, if they didn’t then maybe we shouldn’t have the initiative process after all.

  • kingston

    I think voters knew what they were voting on, if they didn’t then maybe we shouldn’t have the initiative process after all.

  • Disillusioned Smith7

    Further proof of the deception by the state. Proponents of 66-67 were careful to not mention a fee which every Oregon Corporation is required to pay to the Corporation Division – Annual Report Fee. The state Bozo’s had to keep there message simple so it would be easily understood by there own “screw the public” sector voters(working families!) and the ignorant masses of private sector voters.

    …and now there is a large budget deficit… I take pleasure in watching it increase…

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    Most important of all of this great information Dan has dug up, is the fact that the State swept $150 Million out of the Education funds BEFORE Measure 66 and 67, and gave that money to DHS. THEN they had the audacity to say “the schools need these to pass”. Unfrickinbelievable. This state is either filled with idiots, or deceived. One or the other. No in between.

  • Free Loading Fannie

    Where my Oregon Trail, subsidized housing, free healthcare and free luches for my 12 kids post to come from if there ain’t no taxes?
    I’m too busy to be looking for no job and all!

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