Suspicious income tax bill up for hearing

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

In less than 24-hours a hearing will be held for HB 2071 which deals with personal income taxes.

Hb 2701 asks the Revenue Department to study personal income taxes.   The bill is only two sentences long.

It is a long held tradition (gimmick) in the State Capitol to create these generic “study” bills under various topics.

When the end of Session nears (3 weeks left), politicians will gut-and-stuff these bills with a related topic.  So in this case, there may be an income tax hike that is amended into the bill at the last minute.

Because no amendments are now posted for the bill 24 hours before, the public is clueless on what this bill may become.    Even elected lawmakers may not know until the final few hours before the hearing starts what the amendments will be.    Lawmakers may be hit with a 100-page amendment to a 1-page bill, hours before they are expected to vote on it.

This is undemocratic.

This is unfair, untransparent and gross corruption by the Party that holds the big majorities in each chamber.

The public is left in the dark.

The media is left in the dark.

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