Bills passing: Guns, I-5 bridge, tax credits

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Gun bill: The Oregon Senate passed HB 2007-C which bans firearms that are generally untraceable and untraditionally made as in from a 3D printer or a gun-assembly kit.   These type of firearms contain no serial number.

I-5 Bridge bill: The Joint Committee on Ways and Means approved $1 billion funding for the project to replace the Interstate 5 highway bridge over the Columbia River where Portland and Vancouver connect.   Since, Washington committed $1 billion, both plan to apply for $2.5 billion grant from the federal government from the Infrastructure Bill.  A total $6.3 billion is needed.  The $1 billion from Oregon will put challenges on Oregon’s bonding capacity.

3 Tax credit bills: The Joint Committee on Tax Expenditures voted out HB 2009 which gives $255 million of tax dollars from tax credits for  semiconductor research in Oregon.  The Joint Committee on Tax Expenditures also passed a  a $1,000-a-year Oregon Kids Tax Credit for Oregon families making up to $25,000 a year.  Costs over $30 million.  State Senator Cedric Hayden has a Media Tax Credit measure ($50 person) to help local media businesses.

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