Minimum Wage Factoid

The federal minimum wage just went up this month from $5.15 to $5.85. How many people were trapped under this low-wage system? Turns out that only .35% of the 140 million working Americans get paid the minimum wage. Seems like the private sector is doing just fine rising wages without government mandates. (source: Professor Bradley Schiller, American University)

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  • Jerry

    The private sector always takes care of itself. Sadly, there are so many whiners around who don’t understand anything about the free market and who are always complaining, so the public gets the wrong message.
    Just remember this, people in favor of forced minimum wage hikes are only in favor of them so that they may feel better. That is the only reason. They want “fairness”, which really means socialism. The fools.

  • devietro

    The private sector takes care itself, we have know that for a very long time. Also those who currently do make the min wage wont be for long. Most every job starts at X pay rate and then that goes up after a “probation period”

  • Captain_Anon

    First, i disagree the private sector always takes care of itself. umteen lawsuits regarding pay issues is proof. as are all the government bailouts. may private sector companies have forced overtime without paying for it, or have denied correct pay to employees in other ways. the airline industry is another prime example where they did not take care of themselves, from the virtual monopoly of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (with overcharging the consumer routine) that brought the federal government in to deregulate the insdustry and breaking up rules the airline companies wanted in place to maintain thier monopoly to the bail out the feds have had to do with several of the major airlines because they can’t run thier businesses. the bailouts of enron, and all the scandals that plagued the accounting of so many businesses other than MCI/Worldcom, enron, ty….whatever it was and the unnamed ones.

    as much as you guys want to believe private industry needs no government intervention or oversight, it’s just plain wrong. the degree of which is what is debateable.

    as far as this particular article, i’d be very interested to know the citation or the report. because. 34% seems awfullly low. perhaps it’s because most states have a higher minimum wage than the federal government? that would be interesting to see.

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