Measure 37 scam alert

Press Release from Oregonian In Action:

Measure 37 Claimants Please Read!

Opponents of Measure 37 are calling Measure 37 claimants asking Measure 37 claimants to endorse House Bill 3540 (otherwise called Measure 49), which will be on the ballot this November. Do not fall for this scam!

They are telling Measure 37 claimants that House Bill 3540 is something it is not. Do not be tricked by these people! Apparently the callers are telling Measure 37 claimants that HB 3540 will solve all their problems. The truth is that HB 3540 will cause far more problems than it solves. House Bill 3540 is a poorly drafted bill that will take away your Measure 37 claims.

These calls are false and are intended to prey upon property owners whose Measure 37 claims have been frozen by HB 3540. If you receive a phone call asking for your endorsement of HB 3540, please get the caller’s name and contact information.

Before making a decision whether to endorse the measure, we would encourage you to please contact Oregonians In Action.

If you have received a phone call from one of these special interests,
Oregonians In Action would appreciate hearing about your experience Please

feel free to contact us at (503) 620-0258 or EMAIL at [email protected].

And if you received a phone call and agreed to endorse HB 3540 because you thought it was something that it is not, please contact Oregonians In Action

immediately at (503) 620-0258 or EMAIL at [email protected].

Please forward this message to as many people as possible so we can get the word out and warn people about the lengths that opponents of Measure 37 will

go to take away your property rights.

Ross Day
Director of Legal Affairs
Oregonians In Action