Sen. Findley: Highlights from Session

Oregon State Senator Lynn Findley,

The Oregon Legislature officially adjourned the 2023 Legislative Session. State Senator Lynn Findley (R-Vale) is recognizing the adjournment of the session by highlighting important legislation he sponsored that has passed:

  • SB 498 – Supports family farmers, foresters, and fisherman by creating a $15 million exclusion from the estate tax for natural resource properties.
  • SB 53 – Improves the integrity of our elections by prohibiting members of a household and domestic partner of candidates’ from being employed to process ballots.
  • SB 57 – Helps farmers by making brucellosis (Bang’s disease) vaccinations for female cattle voluntary.
  •  SB 70 – Allows rezoning in the Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Region by fixing a technical error in SB 16 from the 2021 Legislative Session.
  • SB 523 – Expands access to education and health care in rural Oregon by allowing community colleges to offer Bachelor of Science degrees in nursing.
  • SB 644 – Increases the housing supply in rural Oregon by allowing accessory dwelling units, meeting certain criteria, when no statewide map of wildfire risk has been adopted or if the parcel is in an area identified as high wildfire risk.
  • SB 955 – Supports agricultural workers’ mental health by providing funds for an AgriStress Helpline in Oregon.
  • HB 2411 – Reduces unnecessary government spending and fees by dissolving the Oregon Alfalfa Seed Commission.
  • HB 2420 – Refines government accessibility by creating a workgroup to propose options to access birth and death certificates.
  • HB 2509 – Assists family farmers and ranchers by improving the brand transfer process.
  • HB 2689 – Empowers small-scale farmers by providing a licensing exemption for on-site rabbit processing.