Kevin Mannix Update: Crime Initiatives Gather Signatures

Kevin Mannix is continuing to organize the volunteer circulation of Initiative Petition 54, which empowers communities to restrict strip clubs on the same basis as communities in the 49 other states. This constitutional amendment is necessary because the Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that strip acts are free expression and cannot be restricted in any fashion. This has meant that communities cannot even zone strip clubs away from schools, day care centers, or churches. Persons who wish to assist with distribution of petitions should contact Laura Jannsen, at 2007 State St., Salem, OR 97301 and at 503.485.2002.

Mannix reports that he is “highly confident” that Initiative Petitions 40 and 41 will be on the ballot next year. Petition 40 establishes mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug dealing, identity theft, burglary, auto theft, and forgery. Mannix points out that Oregon has had the fourth worst property crime rate in the U.S. for two years running; and this session, the legislature did very little about it.

Petition 41 dedicates 15% of lottery profits to public safety, with half of that money dedicated to full funding of crime lab, investigation, and forensics operations of the State Police. The other half is dedicated to go directly to counties for prevention programs for at-risk children, enhanced prosecution and enhanced sheriff field investigations.

Mannix is also the author of a third public safety initiative, the Oregon Crimefighting Act, which is in the ballot title stage. This is a comprehensive revision of many laws for crime prevention, prosecution, penalties, and rehabilitation.