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“The longer I’m here, the more I’m persuaded that Iraq cannot be analyzed by these kinds of discrete benchmarks. You could not achieve any of them and still have a situation where arguably the country is moving in the right direction. And conversely, I think you could achieve them all and still not be heading towards stability, security and overall success in Iraq.”
Ryan Crocker
US Ambassador to Iraq

(served under seven administrations)
New York Times Interview 4/7/07

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  • davidg

    “Our work is too important to be evaluated by anything that might require an objective criteria.”

    Where have we heard that kind of argument from the government before?


    Bring the troops home! Screw those ignorant , religious fanatics that call themselves Muslims. Not one of them is worth the live of an American yet alone 3500 lives!

  • Jeff


    There’s an Arabic word for what you are proposing: Surrender.

    After it happened in Somalia it emboldened Osama and crew to attack more widely and publicly, believing we wouldn’t respond. 9/11 was a direct result.

    You want to do that again?


      Bud, this country needs to give up it’s foolish idea that you can pacify a country using some form of kindler / gentler war. Until we are ready to wage total war on the terrorsits and their civilian supporters we are only putting our troops in the crosshairs; which will only succeed in getting them killed for no gain.

      If we are not going to try to beat the terrorists and their fanatical regious leaders (this would include removing the government of half the Muslims countries who support the terrorists) than we need to pull our troops back before more of them get killed due to the failed policies of our leaders……….both DNC and GOP.

      Somolia’s neighbors defused that threat last time, it shows the world doesn’t need us to be their policeman…………..we fund 75% of the UN, let them police the world………….either that or get out of our way!

    • davidg

      The war in Iraq has cost more American lives and dollars than 9/11. And if you count the 100,000 or so lost Iraqi lives, the 2 or 3 million displaced Iraqis, and all the destruction in that country, the war has been a monumental disaster.

      And after all that our own government reports that the jihadist groups are stronger than ever.

      Our government has miscalculated everything related to that war. I don’t buy their argument or yours that we will be in greater danger if we just bring our troops home.

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