Stolen: PETA promo van, race car, dump truck, more …

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

OPB reports that PETA had their “Hell on wheels” van stolen in Portland.  It w s a huge political sign that showed caged chickens.   The group is offering a year’s worth of vegan chicken to whoever can help find it.

A few weeks ago someone stole a dump truck and plowed into four neighborhood cars with it.

A race car was stolen and recovered this summer.

In June, an Idaho couple came to Portland to visit family.  Fearing parking in high-crime downtown Portland, this couple parked at the zoo and hid all their valuables, but the car was stolen anyway.  Police could not respond.

A Made in Oregon truck was stolen last winter.


This unfortunate woman was moving to Portland because she was attracted to the progressive spirit of the city and had her entire u-haul moving truck stolen.


A pizza delivery and catering truck was stolen last fall.