Rep. John Dallum to Resign

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John Dallum- R The Dalles, announced today that he would be resigning as a State Representative to move to Montana with his wife Dorothy.

There is no word on what the effective date of his resignation will be or who may be interested in the position. John won a hard fought battle for re-election last cycle by just a few hundred votes and was poised to run again before his surprise announcement. John we wish you luck.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry to see him go. He’s a good man

  • Anon

    One more seat for the Democrats!

  • Britt Storkson

    Good riddance. All we lose is someone who defends the rich and powerful despite what they do to the little guy. I know that from personal experience. We don’t need that representing us.

    • Sybella

      Why don’t you guys grow up, open your eyes and quit spouting the same old same old. I bet you sue a lot of people because you want what they got and you’re mad because you don’t have it.

      • CRAWDUDE

        You’re right about Britt, I’m sure everyone somehow “owes” him something. At the same time Dallum was as corrupt as the next politician, this states had it so it doesn’t matter who is in Salem.

        • Sybella

          He probably is, but I get so tired of these guys bitching about the rich people. The little guy makes himself a victim. If you don’t want to be a victim, do something about it, but quit crying. I hear two year olds with less animosity than I hear from these guys.

  • Darrell Fuller

    A post at BlueOregon suggests the effective date is July 31st. Has Kari ever been wrong?

    “It is with a heavy heart that I tell you I will be stepping down as the Representative for House District 59,” Dallum wrote in an e-mail Monday. “I have been offered a job in Valier, Montana, a town that is less then two hours away from my grandkids! Dorthy and I could not pass up the opportunity to move back to Montana where we could be close to family. My resignation will be effective the end of this month.”

  • Britt Storkson

    To address in general terms those who replied to my post our local power company, Wasco Electric Co-op, a state-sanctioned monopoly installed power lines on my property without an easement. I went to work one day and came back to find power lines strung almost completely across my property. Refusing to even discuss the issue through non-binding arbitration Wasco Electric indicated they would sue me to get that property so their lawyer could make more money off of the deal. The legal research to figure out all of this cost me $1200.00.
    What did Rep Dallum think about all of this? Wasco Electric’s appalling conduct was just fine with him. His idea of America is that the rich get what they want because they can afford to pay the lawyers to get it for them. The average person loses every time simply cannot afford to fight that kind of legal firepower.
    Sybella, what are you going to say when they take your property?

    • Sybella

      I’m much more concerned about the politicians taking my freedom and Americans letting them have it.

    • Sybella

      Is Wasco a private company or a public company? If so you may be blaming the wrong people

    • Sybella

      I also wonder why you guys don’t holler as loud when the state takes your money for taxes to give to somebody else, or just keep it in case. You still have your land just with power llines added. I can guarantee you the money taken from you is never given back to you, not in any measure. I think that’s the biggest crime, them taking it and you guys thinking that’s the way to go.

  • Britt Storkson

    To answer the question from Sybella Wasco Electric Co-op is a private, non profit corporation organized at a Co-operative under state statute ORS62. Supposedly a Co-op is “owned” by the members or stockholders – those who buy power from them. In practical terms Wasco Electric is owned by the lawyer. ORS62 gives the members no rights whatsoever – unlike stockholders of conventional corporations. For example the Co-op stockholders cannot obtain any information about the corporation, do not have the right to attend board of directors meetings and their electric power can be shut off for any reason or no reason at all. The only thing that resembles a right of the stockholders is that they get to vote for board of directors in elections run and controlled by the co-op board. Sounds more like the Soviet Union than the America we know (knew?) and love. And that’s what Rep Dallum wants your country to look like.

    • Sybella

      Thank you for the information, I question your comparison of this to private business, and it sounds just like public business to me. I do have a problem understanding how you just came home one day and the work was all done and you didn’t know anything about it. Even when your land is taken under eminent domain, you have an opportunity to sell it willingly before the government takes it away for you. Some place and at some time you had to have been approached about this. What did you do then? Things like that obviously don’t go away. I repeat if you don’t want to be a victim, quit bending over. A private business can not and I repeat CAN NOT do the same thing public business can do. And on your nickle yet.

  • Britt Storkson

    Sybella, you do not understand just how much freedom we have lost. We have been losing freedom slowly but surely over the last 50 years or so. What should be because of the rights we have in the U.S. Constitution and what is reality today are two different things.
    The reality today is that anybody can take anything from anybody else if they can pay a lawyer enough money to do it. That’s not right but it’s reality. You lose not because you don’t have the law on your side…You lose because you cannot afford to pay the legal costs to defend your rights and property in a court of law. For the Co-op lawyer the more litigtaion the better because it makes more money for him and take away money from me. And since most people have only limited assets it’s only a matter of time before you’re bankrupt.

    • Sybella

      Oh, yes I do know how much freedom we have lost. I grew up in the forties, fifties and early sixties. You are absolutely right. I think the problem we have is in blaming one party or the other. The real blame lies on the shoulders of the voters. I am a registered republican, but I vote for the person I think will be best for our country. Since I started voting, I have seen the apathy increase considerably. We the voters have thrown it away. Our government has gone from supposedly representing us to representing themselves. Until we stand up and take it back, it will continue to go if it hasn’t already hit the breakover point. Whoever said ” if you give them a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and a bed to sleep in” was right they will give you their lives. You can do anything you want with them.

  • Britt Storkson

    Sybella, I think we’re on the same page. My objective in posting these essays is to make people aware that the enemy right now is not some stealth invader from a foreign nation. The enemy is people like John Dallum who are just fine with the well to do get whatever they want because they can afford the lawyers and you can’t.
    The enemy is also the so-called conservative talk show hosts like Lars Larson, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others who refuse to report about Wasco Electric Co-op because, like the Oregonian and Neal Goldschmidt (only one example of many) they have their own bad apples they feel compelled to cover up for.
    One wonders what else of importance they’re not telling us because in any exchange the problem is never what they tell you but what the don’t tell you.

    • Sybella

      ha ha, not quite on the same page, I’m ultra conservative

    • Sybella

      Seriously, I do think we are saying the same thing. I do have a problem with the problem everybody has with somebody making money. We all have that opportunity.

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