Lars Larson: AC political hypocrisy

By Lars Larson,

Hot weather brings a lot of confused thinking out there, especially in government.

We’re told this spate of hundred-plus days sets new records even though a quick check shows days in mid-August 40 years ago just as hot.

I guess if we mentioned that it would bust the“climate change” narrative?

Major utility companies now beg customers to use less power mostly because those same utilities rolled over and agreed with the greens to shut down solid sources like the Boardman and Centralia plants.

The government wants us to curb our use of AC on the hottest days of the year are now giving away free air conditioners. By free, I mean taxpayers get the bill.

I kid you not. If you bought your own AC and paid your own bill, they want you sweating…but if you’re on public assistance, crank it up and cool it down.

Maybe there’s a hidden message in all that.

Meanwhile, average citizens get the threat of power blackouts, but at least one Oregonian isn’t worried.

Governor Tina Kotek lives in a mansion that just got a shiny, new 300-thousand-dollar emergency electric generator this year.

I’m sure it makes you feel good to know Kotek stays cool, powered by the evil fossil fuel, when YOUR lights go out.

You know, double standards, or Tent City Tina has none at all

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