Jo Ann Hardesty wins settlement, mayor apology

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Former Portland city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has settled a portion of her $5 million dollar lawsuit against Portland for $5,000 and has also received an apology letter from the mayor.  It is over a case involving the Portland Police leaking information to the media that incorrectly tied her to a vehicle hit-and-run case.

Even though we (and voters) strongly disagree with her abysmal politics, her case is important because it raises the issue of law enforcement and their not having a right to leak private information to the public — this is a basic civil rights protection afforded to every citizen regardless of their personal beliefs.  Although it must be said that other parts of the case are heading to trial next month to fully contest in court the details of what occurred.

Here is the apology letter from the mayor:

August 15, 2023 Dear Former Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty:
Portland Police Bureau employees acting outside the course and scope of their employment leaked confidential information about Commissioner Hardesty. The leaks negatively impacted Commissioner Hardesty’s public image and undermined her efforts to bring about police transformation and reform. The City does not condone these actions. On behalf of the City, I apologize for the conduct.
Mayor Ted Wheeler