PDX offers homeless 24/7 high cost toilets

Here is a story from KGW-8 News on Portland Mayor Potter opening up City Hall toilets 24-hours with two security guards costing nearly $100,000 a year. Jason Williams of the Taxpayer Association was featured in the story saying “Taxpayers should not take this sitting down. This is another example of City Hall flushing their tax dollars away,”

KGW-8 STORY: Mayor Tom Potter said the program will increase downtown livability. “What we’re trying to do is make it better not only for homeless people but for all people in Portland,” said Mayor Potter…The cost of additional hours and security is more than $46,000 for a six-month trial period.

“Taxpayers should not take this sitting down. This is another example of City Hall flushing their tax dollars away,” said Jason Williams, Director of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon. Williams said the program will make Portland a desirable place for homeless people. He thinks it will increase the city’s homeless population.

“What homeless people need is shelter and assistance,” said Williams, “What they don’t need is taxpayer funded luxury toilets in the middle of City Hall.”

Mayor Potter does not think the toilets will attract more homeless to Portland. “Will that encourage them to say, ‘Gosh that’s a nice bathroom. I’m going to stay here a few more months?’ That does not make sense to me,” said Mayor Potter.

Mayor Potter said the city will evaluate the program after six months. He said if the toilets are not being used overnight or if they are blamed for generating problems downtown, the city will no longer offer its round-the-clock restroom service.

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    $100,000 a year ! Are they crazy? They could’ve over paid for 8 more smart cars with that!

    I guess in the end the result is always the same in this town, the government always over pays for sh_t!

  • Jerry

    Well, I would hope they would open the cafeteria there, too, for anyone who needs a meal. And what about new clothes? And can the homeless borrow one of the SMART cars? If you’re going to do something, do it right!
    More, more, more please.

  • devietro

    City “tests” like this spell job security for me. Where there are toilets there will be homeless, where there is homeless there will be crime. Where there is crime, there is a need for contract security.

    BTW the same analysis used for toilets also works for Tri-met lines and free food.

    I think this test is incredibly dumb because it encourages being homeless.

    Better yet lets not let them use the overpriced smart cars,to be fair we should give them access to the entire State motor pool, this way they can use the 12passenger van for their field trips and the pickups to gather popcans more effectively.

  • Dave Lister

    I’m a proponent of public restrooms, but I think they could just spot a couple of porta potties around town.

  • Ted Kennedy’s Liver

    We used to have public restrooms downtown, right in front of the pioneer courthouse square. They were closed because of – drum roll please…abuse by the homeless.

    Every time I go into the library restroom there’s some bum in there washing up. Now we’re going to give them city hall. Think how great our city image will be when the homeless crowd around city hall harassing passers by the same way they do in front of the library.

    Maybe this is all just a ruse to sponsor a new “tea party” location now that Meier and Frank – and its restrooms – are closed.

  • thirteenburn


    Just another reason I moved out of The People’s Republik of Portland as well as the Motherland of Oregon.

    This city, as well as the State prove without a doubt that the collective stupidity of he liberal left is overshadowed only by their mind numbing intellectual dishonesty.

    But then again, the people that run things are the people you voted for so I guess you all get what you deserve.

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