Cocaine raccoon terrorizing Portland?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

There is a sudden increase in aggressive raccoon attacks in Portland this August as well as an increase in overdose deaths.


Here is a video of a Portland man fighting a raccoon with a wooden pallet, where the raccoon seems unafraid of both man and dog (a possible sign of intoxication?)  Could this raccoon be similar to the true events that inspired the film Cocaine Bear?


Around the same time a Portland woman and her dog were attacked by an overly aggressive (possibly high) raccoon.



Raccoons increase in a city where there is lots of free scrap food and abandoned buildings.

Portland has numerous abandoned buildings from the high taxes and 140 day straight riots that occurred in the pandemic.  This brought Oregon office occupancy rate nearly 30% below the national average making Portland a haven for raccoons. The S.E. Portland Kmart building that burned to the ground from homeless squatters was one example of an entire building left desolate for years.

Portland has miles of homeless camps and former camps littered with food waste that raccoons love.  Since Portland is one of the drug capitals of the nation and has decriminalized cocaine, the City has plenty of hard drugs left around for raccoons to discover.

With so many raccoons and so many drugs everywhere, the chances that some of these creatures are stoned are possible and never zero.


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