Oregon’s 1st stripper union (sad back story)

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


The Magic Tavern Dancer Club became Oregon’s first stripper club to form a union and the second in the United States when they voted to join the Actor’s Equity Association.

For such an exploitative industry these women need all the protection they can get.

Portland has a long-held reputation of having more adult stripper businesses than the average city.

Also, Portland has witnessed a decline in population and disproportionately leading those leaving are young people.  They can’t afford to live here.   Portland’s liberal paradise is hell for young men and women trying to survive.   Portland is among the highest income taxed areas in the nation.   Among the #1 jobs where people escape paying some of these taxes are stripper joints.  Rarely will you find another business where customers walk in and drop large sums of cash directly to employees.   This is why organized crime outlets love to set up up strip bars because it is all too easy to launder money.  Also, such exploitative environments are ripe for when predatory customers offer side opportunities that are more lucrative, more tax-free and more dangerous/abusive.

The fact that a Beaverton strip bar used girls age 13 and 15 and passed them off to customers for months, means both the strip bar bosses and their customers live in an openly criminal world.

The Portland strip bar, Pitiful Princess, makes one wonder — what other businesses can you think of that degrade their employees in their name?

Additionally, Portland is a drug haven where voters legalize all sorts of drugs and government showers them with free drug help (5 million free needles, 50,000 crack pipes, millions in tax dollars for pot shops).   This has created an entire city-size population of young addicts.   To pay for their costly addiction they resort to quick cash opportunities of strip bars.   Human traffickers descend into high addiction areas to prey upon the vulnerable around the world.

A union may be important to these women protecting themselves, but the stripper union symbols of hearts, flowers, stars and butterflies on their logo hides a more abusive and more at-risk environment for which they work in.     Ask yourself whether Oregon’s liberalism is driving young women more into such a dangerous life or more into a life with self-empowerment, prosperity, choices and jobs that enrich their life.

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