Working on Sunday today to undo Post Office new lax ways

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Taxpayers Association just sent a direct mail fundraiser and the responses came flooding in over a few short days … then nothing.

There was no mail in our PO Box (except for a random bill) for four days straight.

Day #5 on Friday … we get 130 pieces of mail!

Our office asked if there was something amiss, and we were told everything was “normal”.   Is this the new normal?

A second Post Office we use has a self-service kiosk that continually doesn’t work and a 30-minute counter wait — meaning there’s no way to visit this Post Office without a lot of pain and wasted time.

Does this sound like a business that just received a $107 billion taxpayer bailout last year?

After the Post Office received the $107 billion gift, postage stamps went up 20% in price in just 16 months.

An under-performing Post Office hurts small businesses.

The Taxpayers Association wasted sending an employee to the PO Box for four straight days.

Because our mail has been delayed our office is forced to work the weekend so we can process it on time as citizens want verification that their checks have been cashed and credit cards processed.  We have had the same PO Box for 20 years and just recently noticed more and more big delays in mail.

We know the employees at both Post Offices we mentioned and we think highly of them, but they are good people trapped under a bad system.  We read that union rules promote bureaucracy and inefficiency such as rules blocking postal employees who process mail from helping at the counter to relieve customer over-crowding, and such.

To this day, our office receives undeliverable mail that is one to two years after it was sent.

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