Lars Larson on Bicyclists Should Pay

Isn’t it about time for bicyclists to start paying their own way on the roads and obeying the rules of the road?

You know, I’ve about had it up to “here” with bicyclists. I mean, I ride a bicycle from time to time and I don’t really have a strong objection to bicycles per se. But, what bothers me is when the bicyclists begin to behave like they own the road. When, in fact, it’s us car drivers who actually own the road. We paid for it with our gasoline and diesel taxes. We’ve been doing it for decades. And along come the bicyclists, who say, “We want to share the road and you should share it with us equally.” Well, why should I share equally something that they didn’t pay for?

And beyond that, I can go weeks and weeks and weeks without seeing a car blow a stop sign or a stop light but I seem to see a bicyclist blow a stop light every time I’m out on the road. They need to follow the rules of the road and they need to pay their share of the cost of that road.