Jeff Kropf: Bush wrong on border agents case

My oh My how this president is one stubborn, bull headed Texan. Yesterday he praised the lying, deceiving (words used to describe him on the floor of the US House) US Attorney Johnny Sutton who successfully prosecuted two border patrol agents for doing their job to stop an illegal alien drug smuggler. The President said that people should look at the facts of the case and we at Weekend Edition Live have done so, along with a lot of Congressman and Senators. It is obvious that the President doesn’t have a clue or he himself hasn’t looked at the facts, because he cant seem to see what most of US citizens see.

These two agents were railroaded and aggressively prosecuted by a US Attorney who suppressed evidence that would have proven not only the innocence of these men, but that he himself (and his office) was responsible for allowing more drugs to flow into America by this same drug smuggler later on. What is this President thinking?

I urge all who read these words to look into the true facts of the case, contained in the transcripts and judge for yourself. Then when you are convinced as I am (and most of Congress now) that these convictions are wrong and send the wrong message to the druggies that offer up drugs to our children, you should contact our Congressman and Senators and tell them to support a Presidential pardon for these two agents.