School attack: Teacher, victim’s mom speaks! (#2 video update)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Here is the latest on the Tualatin Hazelbrook Middle School attack video where two different girls are attacked senselessly by another student. ( Video one, Video two  graphic ***)

According to the Post Millennial, “The victim’s mother posted about her daughter’s “horrific” attack on social media, demanding answers from the school and threatening legal action against the trans attacker.”We WILL be pressing charges. I want everyone to see this video. I want everyone to share this video. Assaulting someone is never ok BUT a boy/man should NEVER lay hands on a girl/woman and that’s on the parents for not raising a decent human being,” the mother said in a statement.”

Oregon activist, Ben Edtl, featured this letter form a teacher from Hazlebrook Middle School.

The Daily Mail addressed the issue of the second video.  Daily Mail states, “Soon after, a second incident was shared online which allegedly involved the same student shoving another girl to the ground. A third pupil tried to get involved and the alleged attacker began hitting her before throwing her to the ground and continuing to swing punches. The fight quickly ended after an adult’s voice was heard leading them to back away. Dr Sue Rieke-Smith, superintendent of the district, said the second incident looked ‘horrific’ but that had been addressed by the principal and her staff. ‘Now that [the second video] has come to this office’s attention, I too am concerned about a repeated pattern and all the pieces around that,’ she said.’I have to get more information from the school so I can understand that incident, how it was investigated and how it relates to the [other] one. That is the work that is ahead of me.’ “

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