Groomer HS teacher suspect moved to elementary school

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Two students have filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against their former High School teacher at Salem’s McNary High School. The teacher is being accused of “grooming” and “sexual abuse” During the the year-long investigation, the accused teacher, was sent to Kalapuya Elementary.  Although everyone is innocent until proven guilty, why send a potential high-risk teacher to a school where the students are more vulnerable?   We learn this week, that the Elementary school has moved him out.

An Aloha High School teacher in Washington County issued warnings to her local district about another teacher who was engaging in grossly inappropriate conduct with students.  The district ignored the compliant until another incidence occurred.

This type of indifference is also similar to a St. Helens case this year.

For more than a decade, the St. Helens School District ignored dozens of complaints about a social studies teacher and track coach who touched female students and made inappropriate remarks to them—and even designated him a “safe person” for a troubled female student—until his arrest for sexually abusing that 16-year-old girl.  Kyle Jarred Wroblewski pleaded guilty to five counts of second-degree sexual abuse. He was sentenced to more than four years in prison. A judge ruled that a federal lawsuit filed against the district by the young woman, now 22, can move forward. She contends that that two superintendents, two principals, other administrators, and many teachers were “deliberately indifferent” to a decade of Wroblewski’s predatory behavior, which enabled him to prey on the teenager. Although one administrator wanted him fired, the district’s only response to the many complaints and Wroblewski’s admission that he couldn’t stop himself was a one-day suspension. In 2005, a half dozen years after he started teaching at St. Helens High School , complaints of inappropriate jokes, sexual comments, and improper touching of female students began. Three years later, he reportedly asked the district for help, and he was ordered not to physically touch any female students or talk to them about their clothes, perfume, or bodies. More than 20 students then complained about his questionable behavior, and an administrator recommended he be fired, but he wasn’t.

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