FBI says they can’t comply with Measure 114

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A top FBI spokesperson in Oregon said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation says it can’t conduct gun permit background checks for the gun control measure, Measure 114. This applies even if the Measure survives court challenge.

KGW-TV reports, “Measure 114 requires that the FBI conduct background checks as part of the “permit to purchase” process for prospective gun owners. But the word on the street is that the FBI isn’t playing ball.The Story’s Pat Dooris recently spoke with Kieran Ramsey, the FBI’s Special Agent in Charge of Oregon. He said that the bureau wants to help, but they’re constrained by a federal law that dictates which groups it can share criminal background information with. So unless or until some of Measure 114’s wording is changed, their hands are tied.”In Section 4 of Measure 114 it says that it authorizes state and local agencies, specifically state and local law enforcement agencies, to receive this criminal background information — and then it adds, or their ‘designee,'” Ramsey said.That little word, “designee,” is a big problem for the FBI. “We can’t define the word designee because the only agencies that we are allowed to share our criminal investigative background information is with, in fact, state and local government agencies,” Ramsey said.”

At the same time, KOIN-TV did a video interview with the FBI, where they discussed Measure 114 and cybersecurity issues.  See below:

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