Lars Larson: Is the media pushing us to WW3?

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Maybe the mainstream media wants World War three.

How else do you explain how quickly they blamed the deadly bombing of a hospital in Gaza city on Israeli warplanes .

Then came evidence, quickly, that the IDF did no such thing. That the hundreds who died…died because of a Hamas rocket, off course, that hit the very people the terrorist group claims to fight for.

Yet the New York Times first headline “Israeli strike kills hundreds”…was not corrected with “Hamas terrorism”.

The deliberate bombing of a hospital filled with innocents didn’t at all fit the pattern and practice of the Israeli military

It DID fit the frequent failures on Hamas rockets.

On one of my visits to Israel, I saw piles of expended Hamas rockets in a storage yard behind the police station in Sderot…so close you can see Gaza.

Police told me some of those rockets actually drop on Muslim and Christian Israeli homes. Terrorists don’t care about accuracy or humanity.

They celebrate death.

Even Joe Biden, visiting Israel today, describes Hamas as worse than the Islamic state…and he blames Hamas for the hospital horror.