Merkley WILL challenge Smith & Poll shows Novick behind 23%

The Willamette Week is declaring boldly that House Speaker Jeff Merkley will indeed announce his challenge to Sen. Gordon Smith. The newspaper says three solid sources confirm the rumor. If true, count it as another big scoop by the WW team.

On a similar note, The Hill reports a poll by Novick’s campaign shows Smith leading Novick by 23% (50-27%). The poll shows Novick at 46% name ID, and other Smith challengers, radio host Jeff Golden and business owner Eileen Brady at 43%. (Have you heard of them?)

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  • homer

    If true, Merkely has a lot of awful votes to defend against, spanning 10 years.

  • Skeptical Sam

    Novick name ID at 46%? Eileen Brady at 43%? Who’d they poll? The Multnomah County Democratic Central Committee?

  • Bill Sizemore

    I know a bit about name ID, good and bad. I know how long it takes to build it. Even the Speaker of the House usually has name ID no higher than 10 percent. Any pollster who claims that Novick, Brady, Golden, or even Merkley have name ID in the forties is a jokster. And those who say they would vote for Novick against Smith are not necessarily saying they have even heard of Novick. They are simply voting for any Democrat over Smith. You could pick a name out of the phone book and poll it against Smith and he would get those numers or better.

  • DarePDX

    Name ID of supervoting, multnomah county, cash giving D’s.

    The only ones who matter a year before the primary.

  • iop

    Looks like the poll has Gordo twice as much as Novick. I wouldn’t even release such data if I were them.


    I’m not familiar with the laws about this; does i Merkley have to give up his legislator position to run against Smith?

  • iop

    As a House member yes,
    unless he rescinds before the final deadline somewhere in February or March I think.


      Well, that makes me a little happy since he’s my Rep. ( I hope he loses) and I was very unhappy with his performance this last session.

      Even though, where I’m at it might mean someone worse may take his seat….

      • Step up or get stepped on

        CRAWDUDE, why don’t you run? I’ve seen you blog many times for better political representation in Salem. Who could you possibly be more happy with than yourself? Don’t fret, don’t regret, be a threat! The world needs more stand up guys like you!

        • CRAWDUDE

          Now why the personal attack? If you’ve been on this site so much why the never seen before handle? My comments were about Rep. Merkleys’ possible run against Smith from the article above. I didn’t attack any writer or any of the commenters on this thread, why is it you felt you need to go off subject to attack me?

          Did you have a comment on the above article, can you lend anything to this discussion or is attacking the other posters your only trick?

          Sounds like you might want to take your own advice though I’m not sure how you’d be able to run using an alias which seems to be your M.O.

          • Step up or get stepped on

            I was serious. Is that how bad its gotten in Oregon? Asking someone to run for office to oppose the ruling Democrats is now a personal attack? You should consider running. Talking about the problems people like Merkley causes is important, but it won’t solve these problems by itself and you have a lot of ideas.

  • Darrell Fuller

    Rep. Merkley does not have to resign his seat in the Oregon Legislature to run for the U.S. Senate. He may remain Speaker of the House during the campaign and can participate in next year’s special session.

    However, he may not run for re-election to his seat in the Oregon House of Representatives AND run for the U.S. Senate at the same time. So, for him, it would be “up or out” of politics. He has to choose to seek only one office in the ’08 election.

    Rep. Merkley has until March 11, 2008 to file as a candidate, or change his mind. As a practical matter, however, me thinks if he is running for the U.S. Senate, he’ll need to get in pretty quickly.

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