Protestors show anti-Israel dark side, vandalism

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

It is happening all over again.

Protests are ramping up in Portland and buildings are being vandalized again with political threats.

People are being censored.

Protestors are invoking extreme Leftists rhetoric.

This is no longer about the peace process or foreign policy, but rather about the rise of political violence again in our State.

A college campus, Lewis & Clark, was vandalized last week with messages “Free Palestine” and “Death to America” (Photos:KGW 8) .  During the 2020 Portland riots , Lewis and Clark had to hide their statues to keep them from being destroyed because there was so much destruction going on and now the cycle is repeating itself all over again.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon volunteers spotted this vandalism missed by the media.  It was on a building on Glisan street, a building that once housed an Israeli coffee shop.


There have been Portland rallies where protestors equate Israel with genocide and ethnic cleansing.

This is a Leftist tactic to call everything they do not like “genocide”.   Liberals call celebrating Thanksgiving Day as genocide.  Liberals call not approving their environmental taxes as enacting genocide.   Tough-on-crime laws to stem crime waves are also called genocide.

The moment Leftists (falsely) label their political opponent as genocidal, they are then ethically licensed to commit all sorts of crimes against you and acts of crime against any political system for which they are not in power.

Portland will not be a safe place to debate any political issue or free to disagree until the political violent of the Left wing are held accountable for their actions and Portland has a strong law enforcement.

Speaking of Israel and genocide and ethnic cleaning, the rough-estimate chart below shows that Jewish people are basically unsafe anywhere in the entire Middle East, whereas Palestinians on the other hand do live and can live just about anywhere in peace in the Middle East.

The population chart of Israel and Palestine also betrays the genocide and ethnic cleaning narrative.

To falsly accuse a group of people of genocide not only encourages political violence but it also takes away the meaning and value of the word and its effectiveness at targeting real genocidal regimes.

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