NIKE should drop Michael Vick

Why is Michael Vick still in the NFL and why does he still have a deal with NIKE? The fact that neither has dropped him is shameful. What are they waiting for? NIKE only needs to look a few miles from their headquarters at what happened to Portland Trail Blazer Qyntel Woods who was charged with dog fighting.

When most people think of dog fighting they think of two adult pit bulls going at each other in a ring. If that were all there were to it that would be repulsive enough. The truly disgusting part of this crime is how the dogs are trained. Puppies are bred specifically for viciousness.

At an early age their aggression is tested in puppy fights. Puppies not displaying enough viciousness are either killed outright or, more often, used as “bait” for training mature dogs. The puppies are thrown into a pit with an adult dog specifically so that that dog can literally rip them to pieces. Dozens of bait dogs may be killed in the course of training one fighting dog. Dog fighters often troll the “free to good home” ads in local papers for bait dogs. People who think they’re giving a puppy or adult dog away to a good home may be giving it to a sadist who will kill it cruelly.

In my book dog fighting is exceeded as a crime only by murder, rape and child molestation and its practitioners every bit as dangerous to society. I cannot conceive of the evil that must live in one’s soul to enjoy such cruelty. Would someone who tortures small animals balk at doing violence to people? Don’t the FBI profilers tell us serial killers all start out by torturing and killing animals?

My personal hope is that Michael Vick will be convicted for his crimes and receive the maximum sentence. He’s a twisted man who doesn’t deserve the national sports spotlight.

To anyone who might declare “innocent until proven guilty” – I’ve seen the aerial and close up photos of his dog fighting compound. Anyone with a facility like that is guilty as sin. The longer NIKE and the NFL wait until the final verdict, the more they will be viewed as complicit.

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  • Jerry

    Absolutely – if they don’t something is very wrong with them.

  • Nme

    This is really a time when the animal rights people can really help and be in line with the average public. But I have not seen anything by them?


    No they shouldn’t, he’s innocent until proven guilty. Do I think he’s guilty, yes but he legally isn’t until he is proven guilty ala OJ.

    E.G. NIKE has no legal grounds to void his contract until he’s convicted……..which means they’d have to pay him a huge chunk of cash if they dropped him prematurely. It’s about the cash not the dogs.

    • Tim Lyman

      OJ lost all his endorsement deals about 10 seconds into the car chase.

  • Devietro

    Craw- could not be more wrong on this one. Nike’s ONLY job is to protect their bottom line, Vick is bringing in bad press so he should be cut as a liability. If he later gets cleared Nike would be welcome to re-negotiate.

    Nike is a private organization and should only be self interested.


      I agree! I may have not communicated it correctly. NIKE will not officially disassociate itsself because they have a contract with Vick. I think they would love to but legally they are probably on the hook for the cost of the contract until he is convicted………at which time there is a morals or felony clause that will release them.

      My point was that they won’t take the financial hit in order to do the right thing.

  • Steve Plunk

    Crawdude and Devietro both make good points. I think both positions are defensible.

    It would be interesting to see what is in that contract between Nike and Vick. The particulars could allow even the most minor of problems to be grounds for voiding of the contract or damages of some sort. Apparently Nike is oing to lose a large chunk of change by not releasing Vick’s shoe which has already been marketed and produced.

    Foe the sake of all of us I hope this is resolved soon one way or another. Of course, we all pretty much know which way this is going.

  • Jeff

    I love how innocent until proven guilty goes out the window when it’s someones favorite ox getting gored.

    That said, there are probably grounds for suspension until everything is worked out one way or the other.

    • Tim Lyman

      Vick’s claim of innocence is as credible as those poor drug addicts on the TV show COPS who claim the crack pipe in their pocket wasn’t theirs.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Open your mind Tim, maybe they borrowed the pipe and it really isn’t theirs 😉

  • John Verbeek

    I wish baseball (and basketball) was as concerned about bad role models for our kids as football. Compare how Bonds is regulated compared to Vicks. Go NFL!!

  • MadMike

    Anyone remember Duke lacrosse. They were guilty too. But one problem, they weren’t. Wait until the legal system has run its course.

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