Poll: Candidates best/worst base of support

For those who cannot get enough polls, must check out Time Magazine’s poll on the candidates base of biggest support and biggest base of opposition. The criteria deals mostly with sectioning out base groups by party affiliation, religion and political persuasion. The poll was featured in the Time Magazine special report “How Democrats got religion”

Hillary Clinton
“Very Favorable” Base: 47% Democrats
“Very Unfavorable” Base: 65% Conservative Protestants

John Edwards
“Very Favorable” Base: 26% of those voting for John Kerry 2004
“Very Unfavorable” Base: 34% of Republicans

Rudoplh Giuliani
“Very Favorable” Base: 35% of Republicans
“Very Unfavorable” Base: 34% of liberal atheists/agnostics

John McCain
“Very Favorable” Base: 23% Conservative Catholics
“Very Unfavorable” Base: 27% of Democrats

Barack Obama
“Very Favorable” Base: 42% Liberals
“Very Unfavorable” Base: 27% Conservative Protestants

Mitt Romney
“Very Favorable” Base: 11% of conservatives
“Very Unfavorable” Base: 26% of liberal Catholics