Sen. Knopp: Support Israel’s defense against terrorists

Senate Republican Leader Knopp Reaffirms Support of Israel’s Defense Against Terrorists Who Wish to Eliminate It
By Oregon Senator Tim Knopp,

SALEM, Ore. – Nearly one month since Hamas terrorists launched their attack on the innocent people of Israel, Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend) released the following statement:

“As the war between Israel and Hamas enters its next phase, let me be clear: we must always defend and support our great ally Israel, but especially when its security is threatened by such evil forces.

“Israel has the right to live in peace within its recognized borders, including the land taken in war waged against them. Israel has a moral responsibility to seek justice against those who launched an unprovoked attack on innocent civilians and make no mistake: America has a moral responsibility to do everything in its power to support Israel in its efforts to remain independent, sovereign, and free.

“While others naively call for a ceasefire, Republicans lead the charge in supporting Israel as it combats Hamas whose sole intent is to eliminate the Jewish state. I strongly support Israel’s efforts to bring about justice and condemn anyone who fails to do so.”