Kotek panel eyes sales tax

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Kotek is fast becoming KoTAX and it may cost you in a new sales tax.

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek in conjunction with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has formed the Portland City Center Task Force to come up with ideas on how to fix Portland.   Previously there has been discussion on spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars on various projects to both clean up the City and to fix the City’s reputational damage.

The Task Force is soon to address how to come up with millions to pay for it and it may involve a local sales tax.

KGW-TV reports, “…Jessie Burke who chairs the Old Town Community Association and co-owns a small hotel in the heart of Old Town. She’s also on the task force focused on cleaning up the streets … A city spokesperson tells KGW, Mayor Ted Wheeler is talking with several interested downtown building owners. On Monday, Burke suggested introducing a sales tax to help pay for these types of larger projects.”  

Please note that much of the Task Force meetings have been held behind closed doors and plan to address these ideas in December.   There is a real chance that this sales tax could be rushed out with limited chance for people to have a say or know what is going on.  This is why we are talking about it now.

As Cascade Policy noted in 2020, Portland has had the highest income tax rate in the nation.  Now they aim to make citizens pay even more with a sales tax.

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