Lars Larson: FTX found guilty, what about Kotek, State Dems?

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Sam Bankman Fried of FTX crypto stole almost 10 billion dollars from up to a million investors. A jury found him guilty. He may go prison for 110 years.

Citizens didn’t get anywhere near THAT level of justice for a lot of Northwest Democrat Party politicians, including Governor Tina Kotek, who benefitted from that stolen cash.

The Democrat Party of Oregon took half a million dollars under a fake name.

That’s a crime.

But in a place where democrats fill every statewide office including Secretary of State and Attorney General, the fix is in.

So, no one gets charged with the crimes clearly committed…and the total fine got slashed from 35-grand to less than half of that.

It’s no wonder the Biden Crime Family has prospered in a party loaded to the gills with crooks, thieves and pay to play.

President Biden declared during Presidential debates 3 years ago that he never got money from foreign countries or companies.

This week, America saw the canceled checks which proves that’s a Biden lie.

Feckless republicans in the House of Representatives have the power to impeach him for his high crimes .

But just like here in the Northwest, the fix is in.

Meanwhile, the IRS is hiring literally 10s of thousands of new agents to chase down every single extra dime left in YOUR pockets.