Portland homeless cause 2,000 fires (wild photos)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Homeless blamed for 2,000 fire calls in Portland.

Fires at homeless camps made up 41% of all fires in the city in 2022, according to Portland Fire & Rescue.

A family armed with fire extinguishers had to repeatedly save their home from fires after homeless squatters set a next-door house ablaze twice in one day. Homeless squatting inside an abandoned Portland Kmart started a fire that engulfed the entire complex (photo above) and sent a massive cloud of asbestos and other toxic chemicals into several neighborhoods.

This fire under a highway overpass faced the challenge of exploding propane tanks.

RV fires in Portland are a common sight.




In one year, eight fire calls were made to this vacant tavern in Portland, until it was finally burned down.   The homeless kept breaking in to live inside and start fires to keep warm.


Firefighters saw smoke arise from underneath a Portland bridge ramp.  It turns out that the homeless dug a tunnel under the concrete ramp and lived in a pocket underneath where they lived and stored their goods.   To access the fire, the fire fighters had to bore two massive holes (as seen below) in the concrete bridge to access the secret homeless encampment.


This man, using a fire extinguisher, stopped a fire from the homeless who occupied the vacant house next door.   This happened TWICE in a single day.



This Portland homeless camp fire sent flames towering into the sky.  It was the third such camp fire that day.

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