A local plan to fix immigration puzzle

Plan to resolve immigration and border dilemma
by Dick Birkett, Hood River
June, 2007

There are several elements to this plan that must work together so please study the entire plan with great care. I believe these measures will work for the workers as well as the employers. It will provide a process for workers to work legally, provide a source of workers for the employer, do away with the abuse of health and social services by illegal workers and their families and take tremendous pressure off the Border Patrol. A bonus element is that it will put most of the coyote operators out of business. The cost of this program will be greatly off-set by the present cost of the illegal population to our Border Patrol and governmental services.

To manage the foreign workers in this country, the foreign worker will get a labor certification visa. This visa would be available at the Employment Office. (This office is already available in every community.) The Foreign worker will be photographed, finger printed and put in a data base. He will also be assured of a fair wage. Initially the worker will receive a special worker visa (no cost) to continue to work for 2 years. The visa may be extended. This information will be stored in a data base to simplify visa extensions and allow workers to move from job to job. If the worker has family members, they must also be registered.

They will now have a visa which allows them to move freely from job to job and across the border.

The worker will pay an annual $1,000 health insurance fee to cover all health services. They will have a health card which they will use for care at health facilities. They must also provide health insurance coverage for their family members. The workers will actually save money because they have had to pay a coyote at least $1,500 to cross the border every year.

Foreign workers will be paid at least a minimum wage or the equivalent.

The worker will pay State and Federal taxes.

The workers will be covered by Worker’s Compensation by the Employer.

Foreign workers will be free to begin the process to become citizens through the regular channels if they so choose.

Large operations, if they choose, will continue to use the H-2 program which is no problem to the border or Health and Social Services.

Illegal people who are not working, will appear in the Social Service Agencies and Correctional Institutions. If they do not have proof of citizenship or a valid visa, they will be deported. A record of these people will be kept for future identification at the border. Beginning 4 months after this program begins, a $1,000 reward will be paid to a person who reports an illegal person that is not registered and that illegal person is located by the authorities.

Immigration laws will be enforced.

Foreign workers or any non-citizen who tries to vote as a citizen will be deported and denied citizenship for at least 10 years.

The Border Patrol will be funded adequately to secure the border. Please note that with the use of visas for workers, the job of the Border Patrol will be considerably lightened.

This plan will treat our foreign workers with dignity and respect but it is not amnesty.

It is important to note that many foreign workers want to return to Mexico to retire. They just want the job opportunity in this country to earn a living and care for their families.

The plan provides a process for the employer who needs these workers, to use them legally.
It will remove the tremendous expense of health care for Foreign workers and their families.

The taxes paid by these workers will pay for their use of schools and social services. The plan will provide a reliable data base on foreign workers in this country.

The details of this plan can be worked out quickly and easily by skilled personnel. Representatives of the employers and illegal workers MUST be involved in this process. As author of the idea, I am willing to help work through the implementation plan as a volunteer.


My original Immigration Plan did not address the illegal residents now living in the U. S. I addressed only the two groups of people coming across the border.

1. Workers or those who want to be workers.
2. Trouble makers and terrorists who bring crime and corruption into this country. (This group of course, would be deported immediately.)

It is important to address the people who have lived in this country that are not legal citizens. These people who are self-sufficient and have no criminal background, will be issued a 5 year Visa. This Visa will allow them to apply for citizenship and continue to live freely under our laws. At the end of 5 years, they may apply for a second 5 year Visa to continue the process of obtaining citizenship. Beyond ten years, if they have taken no action to become legal citizens, they will be required to leave. If this population is convicted of violating the laws of this country, they will be deported immediately.

This plan will give the people who are not citizens, the opportunity to apply for citizenship while they continue to live here as a productive, contributing person.

Implementation of the Plan

Homeland Security will implement this Foreign worker program.

I know an insurance agent that is well qualified to develop new insurance programs. He could set up a National Company to handle the insurance, so the Foreign worker could get a insurance card when they pay the $1,000 at the same time that they get their Visa. At this point, the Foreign worker becomes a documented worker and is free to move from job to job and from the US to Mexico and back, as necessary.

The real plus for this plan is that employment office personnel would know if there were local citizens available to do the work the Foreign workers are doing. If there are, of course they should have preference over the Foreign workers. (It is important to note that Foreign workers are often more skilled than our unemployed, at least in the agricultural industry.)
When this plan is implemented, we will put the coyotes out of business at the border because the Foreign workers will have become documented workers and they can pass over the border legally. This will take a tremendous work load off of the Border Patrol.

I have a son-in-law who works for a large fruit growing company that has experience with the H-2 Guest worker program. He is willing and anxious to help work out the details on this plan to make it work for all Foreign workers.

We are aware that there are two classes of Illegals in this country. This plan addresses the Foreign worker who will become a documented worker and no longer be illegal. This will free up time and effort to locate and prosecute Illegals who are here to disrupt our communities and violate our laws.

We must protect our borders. It is a matter of national security.

Dick Birkett
1802 Country Club Road
Hood River, OR 97031