Gee, thanks Sen. Merkley for hurting Israel in wartime

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The front page Wall Street Journal announced that the terrorist organization Hamas is desperate to delay for more time as Hamas needs to re-arm and regroup to survive.   As for Israel, they are running out of time because they have limited defensive rockets, they also have limits on how long the military reservists can be deployed (360,000) before their absence begins to serious destroy the already wounded national economy. Israel faces time limits from the international community which is working against Israel.

The ceasefire also lavishly rewards hostage taking and puts everyone (Israeli’s, Europeans, Americans) in danger by sending a “reward hostage takers” message.

• Obama sent the “reward hostage takers” message in 2009 when he paid $1.5 million for three hostages taken along the Iraq-Iran border.

• Obama sent the “reward hostage takers” message in 2014 when he gave up 5 terrorist leaders in exchange for a U.S. soldier who betrayed his unit and left for the other side.

• Obama sent the “reward hostage takers” message in 2016 when he exchanged seven jailed Iranians for 5 American hostages — and wait — he added $1.7 billion to the already unequal exchange.

• Biden sent the “reward hostage takers” message in 2022 when he exchanged an American for one of the world’s most renown criminal kingpins.

• Biden sent the “reward hostage takers” message in 2023 when he exchanged five people for $6 billion dollars.

With rewards like these, no wonder Putin again stole another hostage (Wall Street Journal reporter) just months after the Biden exchange.  As for Obama, our enemies kept stealing Americans and the demand price kept getting dramatically higher every time and America kept paying.

With rewards like these, no wonder Hamas kidnapped nearly 300 hostages.

Below is a chart from the Daily Wire that shows the terrorists and their crimes that Israel is forced to return for the innocent Israeli’s kidnapped.

Hamas is getting nearly 3 criminally convicted terrorists for every one innocent Jewish person kidnapped returned.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board says of Biden during the Iran exchange, “The worst result is that this ransom will encourage more hostage-taking. Iran has profited from grabbing these Americans, and the U.S. has given other nations no reason to fear doing the same. Until the U.S. demonstrates that snatching Americans will have significant costs, the world’s rogues will keep taking them.”

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