School Board floats stealing people’s kicker (hell no)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland Public School teachers just ended a strike that stranded 40,000 students for nearly three weeks.

The Portland Public School Board gave the strikers most of what they demanded.   Now, one School Board member, Andrew Scott, is trying to figure out how to pay for it.

KGW TV 8 reports, “Multiple PPS school board members called on the state to provide more funding, and Scott added that lawmakers should reexamine the kicker fund, a state program that sends excess revenue back to taxpayers if personal income tax revenues exceed projections by at least 2% during a budget cycle.”We are about to send $5 billion back to Oregon taxpayers because of the kicker law,” Scott said. “That funding would have been transformational for every school district in Oregon.”The average kicker payout will be $2,100 for Oregonians this year, although it will vary greatly because the amount each Oregonian gets back is based on the amount they paid in taxes.”

We wish to remind our readers that the people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund is over-collected tax revenue that the people paid and is being returned to them as voters demanded when they put it into the Constitution.

Also, this demand is coming from Portland teachers where they are the 13th highest paid teachers in America (Source: NEA).  The average teacher salary is over $70,000.

The demands of the teacher’s union were so beyond affordability that even Governor Tina Kotek and The Oregonian said it was too much.  The Oregonian even showcased their Editorial opposition on the front page of their Sunday Oregonian.


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