Sen. Boquist: Jobless pay fraud, $$ forecast, teacher strike ban

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Unemployment claim delays mount despite Oregon’s low jobless rate; fraud is one reason why

— Oregon economists revise revenue forecast, state will have extra $217 million to spend.

— Republicans plan legislation to ban teacher strikes as Portland kids are still out of school.

— Oregon Capital Chronicle reports: Republican senators sue Oregon Senate president, secretary of state over absences. The federal lawsuit joins an ongoing state case from Republican senators who want to run for reelection. More on the walkout last long session in 2023 linked in this newsletter.

— With the recent rivalry game that ended the Pac-12 regular season with a win for UO and a loss for OSU, it is the end of an era. Things might feel a little odd, especially as the one coach basically sprinted out of the state. Football brings Oregonians together in harmony and discord in a way that only sports can. Passionate feelings typically end with the whistle that calls the game as the understanding that sometimes your favorite team wins, sometimes they don’t, settles on viewers. It’s hard to not take things personally, especially when it looks a lot like the Nike-funded school is soaring off in one direction, following green TV deals, leaving the Halloween-year-round school behind. But Oregon State is different. With all the money flying around as the next “deal” is crafted, and certainly that happens at OSU, it is a protected haven of hard workers and incredible research. It will be okay. Oregon State will prevail. Like how Taylor Swift has taken the music industry and NFL franchise by storm by creating her own “versions” of things, OSU will do the same. As the Pac-12 disintegrates around it, it will find a new ‘home’ and absolutely crush it.

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