Portland tried to outspend graffiti vandals … and lost

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

ODOT awarded Portland $2 million in 2022 to clean up graffiti, and then another $1 million a year later, and now the fund is empty.  As the recent Portland photo shows, you cannot tell that any extra $3 million has been spent.  Now Governor Kotek has pledged an additional $10 million.

Portland chose to de-fund police and stop prosecuting people for minor crimes like graffiti, property damage and vandalism.   They said it was a victimless crime.

The liberal mindset gave way to using tax dollars to solve the runaway graffiti problem, because liberals view most problems can be solved by dumping tax cash on it.   It didn’t work, and now taxpayers will lose lost $13 million (and 100 police staff positions from defunding police).

Portland cannot escape nor spend-away their reality of being a soft-on-crime city failure.

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