Beer sales drop. THC beer rises

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Draft beer sales are declining (as much as 30%) and a new trend is emerging: the rise of THC-infused drinks. Adam Terry, the co-founder and CEO of Cantrip, a THC-infused drinks company, notes this shift following the decision of an increasing number of stores to sell these beverages. Terry observes that these THC-infused products are now directly competing with traditional alcoholic beverages. He highlights the growing consumer demand for THC-infused drinks, suggesting that they are perceived as less risky than alcohol consumption. This trend represents a significant change in consumer preferences, with implications for both the alcohol and cannabis industries.

The emergence of THC-infused drinks is seen as a direct competitor to alcohol. The increasing legalization of cannabis in the U.S. has led to a growing market for THC-infused mocktails, seltzers, and wines, touted as healthier alternatives due to their lower calorie content and absence of hangovers. However, this trend has raised concerns, especially regarding the potential risks for teenagers, given the lack of a federal age requirement for purchasing these products. Former White House drug policy advisor Dr. Kevin Sabet has highlighted the dangers THC poses to teenagers, including its association with higher rates of fatal traffic collisions.

Already tax dollars through economic development funds target certain beer industries for promotion.

Will Oregon tax dollars also be used to promote THC-beer?  Stay tuned.

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