Lars Larson: Corrupt CO judges knock Trump off ballot

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Only corrupt dictators maintain power by throwing opponents in jail, or throwing them off the ballot.

Joe Biden and his allies tried both, and they’re still losing.

4 court cases in four states bring 91 criminal charges against President Donald Trump. That’s not working.

Now the Colorado Supreme Court has removed him from the primary election ballot.

The Court relies on the 14th Amendment to ban its own voters from even casting ballots for the “mean tweeter”.

Congress wrote the 14th to keep Confederate military members, who did “engage” in armed insurrection against the United States, from running for office.

The House of Reps charged Trump with insurrection in its last-minute, evidence-free impeachment…but remember, the Senate acquitted him of that charge.

Even the Biden FBI found no Trump insurrection, and believe me, they looked.

No matter: the Democrat Party doesn’t let facts or the Constitution get in its way when their demented leader is sucking wind and destined to lose.

Joe’s approval rating, this week, dropped to 34 percent, down 10 from July.

So, if you can’t beat him…impeach him, but you can’t.

Jail him…but you can’t.

Tell citizens you won’t LET them vote for him. Now, that’s true desperation.

The U.S. Supreme Court will shoot down this unconstitutional move, along with Joe’s last gasp at staying IN power…and OUT of prison for corruption.