Lars Larson: Portland’s accidental over-tax

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

We’ve all seen deadbeats like this before. The guy whose kids don’t have warm winter coats but he drives a flashy car.

That’s what comes to mind when I heard the report’s today that Portland managed to “accidentally” over tax by 540-million dollars and now it plans a spending spree…just not on the essentials.

Imagine that! Voters approved this tax five years ago and city hall underestimated how much it would collect.

Corporations who pay the tax just pass the costs on to you and me, so that money ain’t free.

Now, city hall admits they’ve tallied up the new taxes…and shocker, there’s an extra half a billion. A happy mistake…at least for the government.

Portland estimates its busted-up streets need about $3.5 billion.

Does the money go to that? NOPE!

How about the 650 million in deferred maintenance in run down city parks? NOPE!

Maybe fully fund more cops for Portland to get a handle on exploding crime and violence. NO WAY!

They plan to buy thousands of new battery bicycles so the drug addicts will have something new to steal and sell, or dump in the Willamette.

They’re going to buy brand-new battery cars and trucks for…city workers.

More bike lanes for the spandex mafia.

I’m sure crunching more city streets by stripping off lanes for cars won’t bother anyone.