Lars Larson: Obscenity has become the norm


By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host,

America’s political left wingers have found some inventive and even obscene ways to demonstrate how much they despise this great country.

Joe Biden hosts a transgender pride event and some of those invited decided that displaying their bare breasts on the South lawn of the White House was the right way to celebrate.

A new school board member in Virginia takes the oath of office on a stack of LGBTQ books from the school library so pornographic, I can’t even describe the contents here without risking a six-figure FCC fine.

And the most recent outrage:  A staffer for Democrat Party Senator Ben Cardin used a Senate hearing room, the same room where Supreme Court Justices sit for their confirmations, for some stunningly explicit sex with his boyfriend on a conference table…shot a video of it and posted it to the internet.

Can’t describe that one either but graphic doesn’t even begin to tell the tale…yes, pun intended.

Capitol police are investigating, but you know the rules.  Unless he wore a MAGA hat during the act, he won’t face charges.

The randy staffer, who appeared in some of Joe Biden’s campaign ads, got fired for his performance.

And he promptly played the victim card, quote: “I love my job and would never disrespect my workplace.”

Hmmm.  It seems Democrats enjoy a divergent definition of disrespect.