Court (again) rules Measure 114 unconstitutional. 7 arguments fail.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Harney County Circuit Court Judge Robert Raschio, in a hearing, rejected several new arguments against his current ruling, saying Oregon’s gun-control Measure 114 is unconstitutional.   This means Measure 114 continues to be struck-down and unconstitutional.

Defendants object to the Court’s finding in these key areas

— FBI won’t conduct background checks.
— that parties “agreed” that the implementation of the law would cause “delays the purchase of firearms for a minimum of 30 days.”
— that Measure 114 backers failed to present public safety evidence.
— dispute of ownership of firearms information.
— that mass shootings are sensationalized by the media
— that “almost all emigrants to the Oregon Territory had firearms.”
–that the “a magazine is a necessary component of a firearm.”

All these arguments were declined.  Go to KDRV News for more of this important story.