Lars Larson: Changing words to appease sex offenders

By Lars Larson,
NW and nati
onal radio host,

You have to give Northwest lawmakers this: they’ve made the region as criminal friendly as they can.

Their latest efforts land on the lunatic fringe.

Oregon and Washington have downsized police, elected prosecutors who won’t prosecute, and cut loose thousands of criminals.

One democrat bill would let convicted criminals sitting in prison, like “Greenriver Killer” Gary Ridgeway…run for elective office.

Now in Washington state, a proposed law that seeks to “destigmatize” rape.  Sponsor Tarra Simmons, a democrat of course, literally says calling rapists sex offenders leaves them with a “stigma”.

Yuh think?

In Washington state, the Sex Offender Policy board writes the rules for how the state deals with these dangerous folks.

That board includes at least one victim of sex crimes.

Now, Representative Simmons would add at least one sexual criminal to the board.  She says these folks would add an “invaluable” perspective.

By the way, Representative Simmons is, herself, a three-times convicted felon.

Imagine one of your family members, who’s a survivor of such a crime, sitting on the board with one of the criminals.

Get the picture? Membership includes Level 3 sex offenders…those judged most likely to go out and rape again.

So we have convicted criminals writing the laws defining how we protect the public from criminals.  What could possibly go wrong?