Kotek breaks with Party, open to M110 repeal

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek is feeling the pressure from national bad news over Oregon’s drug decriminalization.

The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial this year “Oregon rethinks drug decriminalization

CBS News “Oregon’s drug decriminalization law faces test amid fentanyl crisis

This week Governor Tina Kotek has announced that she is open to talking about repealing Measure 110 by recriminalizing hard drugs.

OPB reports, “Gov. Tina Kotek signaled Wednesday she is willing to sign a bill that would once again make possessing small amounts of drugs a criminal offense in Oregon.But as Kotek looks at any bill the Legislature sends her way, she warned she will be most concerned with what other steps lawmakers take to ensure drug users are being given the option of receiving addiction services.”

During her election campaign in 2022, Governor Kotek said she wanted to give Measure 100 more time to work.  Last summer, Portland passed a law that make it a crime to use fentanyl in public, but the law needed the State Legislature to ratify it for the local law to be in effect.  Governor Kotek refused to call a Special Legislative Session to make that happen — even though everyone agreed with it.  Now, Kotek appears to be changing her mind.

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