Lars Larson: Supreme Ct. bungles quorum ruling

 Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

For hundreds of years, governments in every self governing country on earth created quorum rules. You have to have a minimum number of members present for any decision.

That means when enough representatives walk out the door, they can block outrageous votes, even when they’re in the minority.

America’s founders believed in that. Modern Democrats don’t.

In Oregon, democrats convinced voters to punish lawmakers who walk out.

Last year, ten republican senators walked out of the legislature to stop votes on bad laws.

That forced majority democrats to negotiate with the minority.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would be proud of what happened. They didn’t believe in the tyranny of the majority…but Democrats do.

The folks who wrote Measure 113 goofed in their wording. The law as written does not deny those ten a run for re-election, this year, only later.

Oregon’s Supreme Court even confirmed that this week.

But then the all-democrat-appointed Justices went ahead and denied re-election anyway.

Party politics comes first…and the letter of the law maybe later, maybe never.

Welcome to Oregon.