HJR 201 is a STATEWIDE Property Tax!!!

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Lawmakers have authored HJR 201 which would create Oregon’s first ever statewide property tax and use it to fund public safety.  HJR 201 would allow this statewide tax to be exempt from current limits on property taxes — Measure 5’s (1992) rate limit and Measure 50’s (1997) assessment limit, so there would be NO LIMIT whatsoever on how high property taxes could go.   HJR 201 would be a referral to voters.

HJR 201 reads, “Proposes an amendment to the Oregon Constitution requiring the Legislative Assembly to create an administrative authority for funding public safety in this state. Directs the Legislative Assembly to impose a state property tax to fund public safety in this state. Allows the Legislative Assembly to delegate to the administrative authority the authority to implement the tax. Provides that the tax would not be subject to Article XI, section 11, of the Oregon Constitution (Ballot Measure 50) (1997), or Article XI, section 11b, of the Oregon Constitution (Ballot Measure 5) (1990). Refers the proposed amendment to the people for their approval or rejection at the next regular general election”


Rumor: This egregious tax bill is rumored to be scheduled as early as next Monday Feb 12th to Friday 16th at the earliest.

Be ready for this surprise hearing whenever it is called.  Follow both Oregon Catalyst and Oregon Watchdog for when this bill be up for an official hearing.  The politicians are using the super-fast and super-short February schedule to ramrod unpopular taxes through the Session when people are not paying attention.   With limited public notices their actions clearly show that they  don’t want you at the hearing and that is 100% wrong.


Property taxes hit people especially hard

Higher property taxes hit people on fixed incomes (seniors and disabled people) because they are unable to increase what they earn.

A statewide property tax will

• Throw seniors and disabled out of their homes (they can’t afford it)
• Make Oregon’s affordable housing crisis even more unaffordable.
• Make Oregon one of the higher property tax states in America
• Make housing unaffordable for younger first time home buyers.
• Encourage endless taxation once SJR 201 removes Constitutional limits/protections

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